Our Services

ONCORE Construction and Consulting offers the best in:

  • Business administration review to ensure all cost categories on income statements have a robust management program
  • Safety program reviews and suggestions for improvement in incident rates and EMR’s resulting in lower insurance costs
  • Business development review and marketing techniques to enhance work acquisition.
  • Cash management review and techniques to improve cash flow
  • Health and business insurance management and cost reduction reviews
  • Work flow efficiency and task management review to ensure correct “separation of duties” and mitigation of potential fraud
  • Data flow reviews throughout organization to eliminate “information silos” and ensure management’s control of cost commitment decisions
  • Methods of labor cost capture review (man-hour ratios vs. QIP units), to project early costs trends that can be corrected to enhance profitability
  • Estimating approach reviews in correlation with production reporting for comparison feedback
  • Evaluation of risks and challenges for the execution of construction services and how they are covered in proposal and subcontract with GC

ONCORE Construction Consulting Group also offers services that assist a general contractor’s budgeting, design review, scoping, and procurement of concrete construction services. This approach has assisted numerous general contractors in mitigating future scope creep, as well as enhancing workflow and coordination.

Some of these services offered by ONCORE CCG are:

  • True VE evaluations
  • Design assist to achieve a more cost effective concrete construction program
  • Review of internal estimates and budgets
  • Market study of costs and design trends
  • Review of project requirements and integration into a subcontract exhibit, to mitigate unfunded scope creep
  • Schedule and work flow analysis
  • Evaluation of risks and challenges of the concrete construction sequence for specific projects